So, the link to the Guardian story in the tweet above is pretty shocking. Some kid decided to create a humorous parody twitter account to needle the Mayor of Peoria, and the Mayor responded by sending a SWAT team to the kid's home and ransack the place looking for twitter evidence. In the process, they found pot in another roommate's bedroom (a roommate who wasn't involved in the twitter account), and hauled him away. SWAT teams are stupid and unnecessary 99% of the time, and this is a nice illustration of that — did they think a kid running a fake twitter account was going to be armed to the teeth? But this goes beyond that, and raises the question of whether the police have the right to just run through a house looking for any evidence of any crime, regardless of whether or not it's related to the search warrant they are executing, or the person they're executing it against.

Anyway, as the Guardian notes, there are now lots of fake twitter accounts poking fun at Peoria's mayor.