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Written in Ink
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Job Ads Are Just Insane Now

I've been looking at the job boards lately because I'd really like to change careers. However I've noticed an uptick in the amount of just plain crazy ones that make me consider if anyone responsible for hiring people has any modicum of common sense. I wish I could link to the one I saw yesterday but in my search for it I can no longer find it. It must have been that inane.

The job was for an office manager at a new company who was to actually oversee two buildings. From the quote I saved, it basically said:

In the last company where I was founder and CEO we had someone in this position who had a PhD in molecular biology.


A PhD in molecular biology and they were in charge of HR forms and office supplies. And this person was bragging about it. I know we joke that you need a Masters to work at McDonald's but I never thought we would come to this. It'd be one thing if the person said they know that repeating such a hire would be difficult but the ad said that was the sort of person they wanted.

Another ad I saw on Friday said the person only needed a high school diploma but then said 3-7 years of experience in the semiconductor or electrical engineering field to be a general administrative assistant and receptionist. Now, I worked briefly in that field and our receptionist never needed to know that much about semiconductor parts. So I'm questioning if it's just me that doesn't get it or if people really are that insane. I know we have the Unemployment Stories but seeing some of these job ads would probably put things in just as much perspective.

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