Written in Ink
Written in Ink
Illustration for article titled Job Seeking While Fa-fa-fat.

I've briefly considered printing my resume on one of those Hallmark cards that plays a tune: Baby Elephant Walk, but that's impractical, like the male orgasm —it's too in your face. I have some pretty good job experience, I write okay cover letters and resumes, and I pass the base level of qualifications when I apply places. I know this because I get interviews. So many interviews —at these interviews, things seem to go well. I'm only looking for receptionist-type work. The thing that sets me apart is how I sit. When I sit around at an interview, I really sit around at an interview.


I mean, I guess I'm seeking advise for the fat gentleman —in terms of strategies to deal with interviews where the party suddenly realized that their candidate was sealed with a candied fate. Sometimes there are laughs, sometimes it feels like they want me to just go full on Van Down By The River, but fuck them, I'd go Chippendales:

I guess I am looking for advice on how to deal with being rather large in an interview: talk about it, ignore it and let people use their own biases, reanimate Patrick Swayze. I'm looking for ideas or strategies from many different perspectives —or what you did to overcome your battle of the job seeking bulge.

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