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Written in Ink
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Jordan Sargent's tumblr post is sad and embarrassing

If you want to spend 45 seconds reading a stupid fucking rant about nothing but some guy's obsession with a writer who is getting a relatively small amount of attention in advance of her new novel, well, Jordan Sargent has just the rant for you!


Now, remember, this the guy who earns his living rehashing TMZ stories about The Situation from Jersey Shore. So, in that context his rant makes perfect sense.

Look, I can understand young New York writers being annoyed that the Times put Emily Gould on the front page of the Sunday Styles section. I even saw HamNo's tweet, saying Gould has the only good PR person in NYC working for her, which I took as a humorous, slightly frustrated but accurate tip of the hat. But for Sargent to argue that the Times shouldn't feature a writer with a new novel about to be published because 'the United States is about to enter another war in Iraq' is just idiotic. Tbh, that's probably an insult to idiots everywhere. But it's definitely the dumbest thing anyone has said about the Sunday Styles section since Donald Trump called for Bill Cunningham to be shot on his bicycle for not spending more time photographing the ravaged landscape at Fukushima. Jordan Sargent is not a particularly interesting writer under the best circumstances. That's not intended as an insult; it's just a fact. He's okay, he's just inconsequential. He finds cool stories on TMZ and presumably gets paid well, so more power to him. But he should be embarrassed by his dumb screed.


And, fwiw, I've read plenty of his work, and Emily Gould's work, too. I don't know either of them personally and have no stake in defending one or demeaning the other. I'm just saying, as neutrally as possible, Jordan Sargent's post about Emily Gould is sad and ridiculous. Here's a dumb excerpt:

It should have been cold water to the face. Granted, a bunch of pages in Elle or a few pages in the Times is still obviously an incredibly tiny slice of the general media real estate, but nonetheless: Emily Gould's personal story is still something that people in power—editors, in this case—think other people are going to find interesting, even though that story ("I am now a normal person") has gotten even less interesting (objectively speaking). Of all the stories on Earth, this one is still being presented as worth reading about....

In related news, the United States is about to enter another war in Iraq.

Note: it's certainly possible the blog post in question was not written by the Jordan Sargent we all know and never think about. Maybe someone with a lot of free time created a parody account in his name on Tumblr. But I don't think that's the case at all.


ETA: I first published this a few days ago, then thought it seemed mean-spirited and maybe contained some of the same tendencies I was criticizing in someone else, and I moved it back to Drafts. But now I'm back to thinking it's pretty true and not as mean, so I'm putting it back with an updated posting time. Sorry for the yo-yo'ing. I'm just complicated.

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