I'm sort of surprised HamNo or JoCo haven't done a story about David Gregory and Aaron Ross Sorkin and other talking heads, pundits, and 'journalists' calling for Glen Greenwald to be jailed for his (unknowable) role in the Snowden episode. As many others have noted, no one is asking to have the Washington Post's Barton Gellman arrested. It was interesting that this morning on 'Morning Joe', it was Kathleen Parker, a conservative pundit, who cautioned against advocating for Greenwald's arrest.

On Twitter, Sorkin lied and said he was just asking questions. But, as the video clearly shows, he stated flatly, 'I would arrest [Snowden], and now I'd almost arrest Glen Greenwald, the journalist!'

It's also interesting to see how, overall, the US press is so dismissive of The Guardian while barely mentioning the Washington Post's role in publishing Snowden-related documents. It would be interesting to know what some of the Gawker writers make of this.