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Written in Ink
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Journalists defend 'Dr. V's Magic Putter' writer??

Even though the headline DIGGING TOO DEEP: Grantland's expose of a trans con artist privileged fact-finding over compassion implies this story by writer Josh Levin is critical of the infamous story of the deceased Dr. V, it's wishy-washy critical at best. It allows that maybe we oughta rethink whether a story should be written where a trans person is outed.


The story claims fellow journalists on Twitter are circling the wagons to defend Dr. V's Magical Putter by Caleb Hannan which no, I will not link to. And I don't Tweet either, so you won't read any of that self-congratulatory journalistic masturbrotion here.


I hated that fooking story, just so I'm clear.

How how how how how...

How annoying. Sad. Instructful. So many journalisms. Such penis. Wow.

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