One thing that fustrated me about being an iOS Gawker reader were the comments. Both posting, and reading.

Between the small screen of the iPhone, and the many replies to an article, searching for a specific comment thread could be a pain. Scrolling...scrolling...and even more scrolling, hoping you didnt miss the thread you were looking for. And even when you've found the thread you think you need, you still have to scroll even more within the thread (or sub-thread???)

For me, the problem was when I read a thread, and then went to browse the internet for whatever reason. When I would go back to the article, I would have to scroll through a ton of threads, and comments within a thread. It's a pain when you consider some people can have up to 100+ replies. While you could use the "search for" that's option included with the iPhone, it only occasionally works, and sometimes it doesn't search through all of the text on a page.

Well, I noticed if you hold down the "Previous/Go Back" icon bringing up the list of previously viewed pages, it will also show individual comments you've replied to as URL's. Clicking on a URL will bring you to a specific comment, or thread.

For example, if the thread your attempting to go back to begins with "I agree with the author because....", just look for the URL that reads Clicking on it will bring you back to the thread without doing an involved search.

I'm not sure if this is something that's always existed, but I doubt it because I'm a regular reader, and just noticed it after today's redesign. I also think this only works for comments you've already replied to, not sure about recommended comments though.


Not sure if what I'm talking about makes sense, because I'm not a techy type of person, and may have used a few incorrect terms.

Also, sorry if I'm pointing out something that is obvious for some. But I assumed if it was a use find for me, it may be useful for others.

Also I have a quick grammar question. Is it "...a useful find...", or " useful find..."? I was always taught to use "a" if the next word begins with a consonant, and to use "an" with the next word begins with a vowel. But when I follow that rule, it doesn't sound, or look right.


So what is it? Did I base how I form proper sentences on a incorrect trick learned from my elementary school teacher? Or is the "u" an exception? Or is this even a rule of grammar?

Also, is it "I may have used a few...", or "I might have used a few..."?

Thanks for any help.