Written in Ink
Written in Ink

Just discovered a few new features on here...

  • Saving a draft,
  • being able to queue up posts for publishing at a later time automatically,
  • turning off replies (which i wouldn't do very often but it's a nice touch),
  • sending to tumblr,
  • the formatting and html icons (including bullet lists)

All of these are really nice features. I do wonder, have other Crosstalk commenters found that the iphone / ipad auto-correct in the kinja compose window seems different than the standard spellcheck, and gives some unexpected results? I've had a few unusual results that I couldn't re-create in any other iPhone/iPad app, although the more I use kinja, the more the spellcheck seems to 'learn' my typing and it gets more accurate as time goes on. I'm just wondering if anyone else has noticed that.


I've rarely had anything very nice to say about the technical work that went into implementing those concepts. Downtime, hacking, things disappearing, just a lot of bugs in lots of places across the site.

But I have to say, this new commenting / blogging approach is really good work, both conceptually and technically. I'm really picky about apps and user interfaces, and I hope it doesn't sound like a back-handed compliment to say this, but I was not expecting this iteration of kinja to be nearly as good as it is. And even when I find bugs, they frequently disappear before I can even report them to anybody. The ideas in this version are really good, and it's nice to be able to say the tech implementation is probably the best I've ever seen on Gawker.

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