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Just So You Know...

...if you don't remember your USAJobs login info then you better hope the NSA sends a drone to drop it off for you.

I totally forgot I had signed up once like 4 years ago so I have zero idea where I put any of that info. And because I forgot the answer to one of the security questions I now have to wait another day to apply for a job because the help desk is closed. Getting my Kaiser password reset is faster than this. Had LastPass been a thing back then this wouldn't be an issue.

Although it's not really even a job I found. I've come to the point of desperation that I saw an ad NASA placed that is just a call for people with disabilities. While I don't really see myself as disabled I figured missing half an arm might count. But now I have to wait for someone to get back to me on resetting my password.


2014 is exactly like 2013 except with even more frustration.

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