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Kansas Wants to Criminalize Police Complaints

An anonymously proposed bill in Kansas would make anyone filing a police report sign an affidavit so that she could be charged with felony perjury if the investigating body — i.e., the department against whom the complaint was made — finds the accusation to be "false." It also forbids any other law enforcement agency to further investigate a claim adjudged by any other, and offers exceptional protections to the accused.

In other words,

  • a citizen files a complaint against a local police department,
  • the department clears the accused,
  • thus judging the complaint false,
  • the complainant is then arrested for perjuring herself in an affidavit, and
  • has no recourse for an outside body to investigate the original complaint.

Make a complaint and you go to jail. (Oh, and have a felony conviction on your record and lose several rights of citizenship.)


The Topeka PD is apparently notorious for retaliating against complainants. And for judging police reports false. In Topeka, 100% of racism complaints were judged to be "false" — not unfounded, but false.

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