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Kickstarter responds to hubbub surrounding Spike Lee and Zach Braff, etc

Today, Kickstarter responded to their haters, and in the process they do a not-bad job of citing stats to show that funding for a Spike Lee joint doesn't (appear to) take any money away from other projects, even film-related ones. In fact, they say that these high-profile kickstarters are introducing more contributors to the concept and the site, and that they are seeing increases in overall contributions and in the number of fully-funded kickstarters after these high-profile projects are funded. I have no window into their stats, but at least they structured their arguments effectively, and focused on the upside for small projects rather than on side-stepping the issue of 'big' movie funding. Not crazy about their references to Mozart, though...

An excerpt from Kickstarter:

Spike Lee brought three decades of fans to Kickstarter when he launched his project. He introduced many of them to this new way of funding creative works, and to the thousands of other projects that are funding on Kickstarter. Of Spike’s backers, 47% had never backed a Kickstarter project before.


The Veronica Mars and Zach Braff film projects were similarly criticized for hurting other projects, but in reality were a windfall for creators. Those projects brought thousands of new people to Kickstarter who have since pledged more than $1 million to 6,000 other projects (film projects have received most of those pledges).

In the past 90 days alone, more than $21 million has been pledged to filmmakers on Kickstarter not named Rob Thomas, Zach Braff, or Spike Lee. Even without counting these projects, it’s been the biggest three months for film ever on Kickstarter!


Almost five million people have backed a project on Kickstarter, and more than a million have backed two or more projects. These repeat backers are responsible for 59% of the total money pledged to Kickstarter projects — a whopping $444 million. On average, 2,130 people a dayhave become new repeat backers this year. This is huge! Future creators will benefit from more and more people using Kickstarter.

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