My nephew will be 9 in four days. He is really into Minecraft and Lego and drawing comics. His dad does freelance web developing and so my nephew even has a website for his comics, it's batshit and amazing. He's fantastic.

He's also on twitter*. And as wicked as it is to hear from him at random intervals, it's also wickedly funny because shit like this happens: I tweet something grouchy and boring and adult and he responds...

He is not even NINE. I am 93% certain that he has no knowledge of the Friends-era inflection and intention of this statement. That's not how he meant it, he really meant how am I doing and he probably didn't even mean it to be a reply to my earlier tweet, given that it's pretty completely unrelated and I don't think he knows what resumes even are.

My face hurts from smiling at this tweet.

* - I trust my sister and her husband to monitor his online activity well and so I'm not worried about him or anything.