I promised to keep you updated on my shopping adventures this week.

Unfortunately I have not made it to the mall yet for my longed-for H&M floppy wool hat and red peasant dress.

But I did make it to Payless, where I bought these kicking shoes for $14 on sale. Regularly $39.99. These shoes are like a combo of umpteen different kinds of shoes โ€” wingtips, platforms, spectator pumps, ankle boots, hush puppies, oxfords. Payless calls them "shooties." Love!

Then I bought this bag. It needed me and I it. It was $24.99 and Payless says her name is Eloise.


Then I happened to stop by the drug store and they had make-up on sale. I am a make-up addict and when lipsticks are 67 cents I think it's actually against the law to not buy some and try out new colors. So I got Wet N' Wild Dark Pink Frost, Black Orchid and Fuschia With Blue Pearl, which is honest-to-god fuschia lipstick with a blue glow to it. If you want to be whispered about at the grocery store, you must wear this.

Grand total for three lipsticks, a pair of shoes and a bag named Eloise โ€” um, 67 cents plus 67 cents equals...hold on....about $41 and 1 cent. Wow, that's some good shopping if I do say so myself. Yes, I adore a couture Balenciaga as much as the next girl, but even if I had a trust fund I'm not sure I could ever justify spending a fortune on fuschia lipstick. (Full disclosure: Once I did spend something like $30 on a YSL lipstick in Pomegranate, but the damn lipstick actually tasted like pomegranates. I'm sure $30 lipstick is a giant honking job creator for sure, tho, so who cares. I actually am doing good for the world.


Fuschia lips. Everybody, at least once this week, I dare you.