Jalopnik has switched to 1.2. Sploid switched yesterday, but I think many would agree that Jalopnik is the first big test. Here's their announcement and Greg's for the Product Team, along with a link to OppositeLock, if anyone would like to watch it unfold.

Update: Apparently you can still turn it off and tiger=on is just the default. I don't know how long that will hold and I'm kind of reluctant to point out that they may be using the avatar or the "similar blogs" script as a counter, but for now, I'm going to leave mine set to the default.

2nd Edit: I'd rather everyone don't go over there and beat him up — I feel what happened last week from another community was an embarrassment — but Nick has started a thread for "Lopniks" to respond directly to him and though the conversation is one-sided right now, it's shaping-up to be something that could be interesting to watch.