Yesterday I contributed to this article in the comments. I actually addressed the subject of the article, I didn't use snark or sarcasm. I have had about 10 recommends on the post. I'm not bragging but, the comment is gray and so is the interesting conversation below it. How is this a success?

Meanwhile, every promoted comment is about the girl in the picture. "oh she's too young for earrings" says one comment with 127 replies. The rest are about the little buns in her hair. I would guess 1 in 10 'promoted' comments address the article at all -the loss of childhood memories.

So two things:

WTF Jezebel? -Seriously that reflects VERY poorly on your community. You should be embarrassed.


WTF Kinja? -Fix the promoted comments. It's demeaning and demonstratively ineffective.

Update: The comment in question went black but the subject still stands.