Written in Ink
Written in Ink

I'm not posting this to start any rivalries or fuel any fires, but since the decision was made to list Groupthink and Oppositelock on kinja.com, but not the other community blogs — they are looking for a way to list everybody, but there's a limited number of slots for graphic links — I've been thinking about traffic.

The following is a chart listing the Quantcast numbers representing traffic between October 5th and November 3rd. I've taken out the geographic subdomains and because there are so many dotKinjas — some personal Kinjas have better traffic than some community blogs because their posts were shared and though I don't know, but comments might also be a factor, plus some people are trying to do things with their Kinjas and it's just too hard to pick it all out — I'm only listing the dotKinjas which appears on Jesus' list. Though I did add cats.


The first column of numbers represent US People, which is Quantcast's attempt to winnow down those accessing via multiple devices and the second number is global traffic. After the first chart, I'm posting the US numbers for the main domains. This would include all of their subs. (It looks like Valleywag and Defamer have really given Gawker a boost)


I've ordered this chart by US People and obviously Sploid has benefited from a lot of shares. Also, I've made all of the site addresses clickable, if anyone is in the mood to explore.


Gawker: 11,803,358
Lifehacker: 8,547,100
Gizmodo: 7,929,892
Deadspin: 7,878,275
Jezebel: 6,336,847
io9: 5,097,257
Kotaku: 4,188,797
Jalopnik: 2,884,494
Kinja: 2,459,210

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