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Kinja'nsanity: Leaderboard, Quantcast Numbers, and a List of Blogs

Efff, where did my last three hours vanish? (Thanks, Asperger!) First I geeked out over the new leaderboard – the Lifehacker crew is really killing it – and then took a headlong plunge into the labyrinth of quantcast and Kinja subdomains.

And we're right up there YOUGUISE, at #21! Let's have ourselves a badge to celebrate this fact:


Now for some interesting facts about Crosstalkers. We're:

  • 54% ladies, 46% menz
  • richer than average, more educated than average, less child-having than average
  • Crosstalk's one-percent, the "addicts," account for 25% of all visits

I know Magister posted something like this before, but I thought I'd dig deeper into Kinja's subdomains to see if I could dig up some worthwhile personal blogs. After a lot of clicking through familiar and unfamiliar names, these seem to fall into four categories: teaser blogs for fully-fledged web properties, sponsored blogs, personal Kinjas, and spam. Here's a sampling:


"Popular" Personal Kinjas

Others (sponsored, etc.)

  • Vapors – All vaporizers, all the time
  • Weed Maps – 4:20 all the time
  • Collaboratory – US Airforce-sponsored psy-ops Kinja
  • Baidu – either spam or extremely elaborate/SEO'd performance art
  • Dogs – sorry, Team Dog, but this Kinja is just a front for this site
  • Good to be Bad – Jaguar-sponsored rubbish

My eyes hurt now, so I'm giving up. There's got to be an easier way to search or surface interesting Kinja blogs. Feel free to share your favourites in the comments.


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