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Kirstie Alley and the Scientology Dilemma

If Kirstie has really reached OT VII (Operating Thetan level 7), which means she is post clear and almost rid of those body thetans and she has achieved all this shit:

OT VII Rehabilitation of intention; ability to project intention $5,100
OT VI Ability to operate freely as a thetan exterior and to act pan-determinedly; extends the influence of the thetan to the universe of others $9,600
OTV Re-familiarizes a thetan exterior with the physical universe; freedom from fixated introversion into matter, energy, space, time $9,300 per 12.5 hrs
OT IV Certainty of self as a being $8,100 per 12.5 hrs
OT III Return of full self determinism; freedom from overwhelm $8,910
OT II Ability to confront Whole Track $5,225
OT I Extroverts a being and brings about an awareness of himself as a thetan in relation to others and the physical universe


Why does she need Jenny Craig? Shouldn't she be either in control or auditing to be OT VIII, where she becomes some powerful perfect being?

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