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Latest Email To My Bio Mom

Is there any chance you can send me pictures of my brother and sister? I'd like to know what they look like. And, I'd like to know if they would like to say "hi" to me or if I am just a weird part of your past (which I would understand.).

Also, I remember my dad telling me that I had an Aunt Lucy and this made me happy when I was a child because I imagined she was the Lucy that went into the wardrobe and saw Narnia. In my imagination Aunty Lucy was a blonde woman not so much older than me and still almost a child but clearly an adult. So I imagined she was like the Lucy in Narnia who lived 40 years in Narnia but then came back a child.

Does this Aunt Lucy exist or did I make her up? If she exists how is she? If Aunt Lucy was an imaginary friend my mind made up as a child that won't hurt me, I'm just curious.



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