Dear Minister Cameron,

It was great seeing you at the last G8 meeting. Please tell Mayor Boris that I have forwarded his question about interns and cigars to President Clinton who should respond shortly.

In return I would like you ask you a favor. I am in awe at your skills in removing an annoying, troublesome and often backward part of your union. Truly, you could not have managed to be more deft in your maneuvors to ensure that they would leave on their own accord.

I am told that you will soon be retiring from the Prime Minister's job after a "confidence vote."

Well, I know you have my confidence which is why I would like to offer you a job in my administration. For generations now presidents have been trying to find a diplomatic way to ensure that Texas peacefully leaves our union. It would be my great honor if you would help us manage that project.

I respectfully await your reply.