Late last week, my wife and I decided to make a batch of beef bourguignon (got the recipe from HERE and made some minor substitutions I'll detail later) and, while it came out good, the leftovers had basically no sauce left. This left the whole thing a dry mess that would require a bit of ingenuity to bring back to life. What I decided to do was basically make a quick version of the sauce and combine it with some leftover spaghetti we had in the fridge from another night to make a kind of fancy-ish version of beef and noodle soup and the whole thing came out good enough that I figured I'd write up the recipe for myself and anyone else who finds themselves with dry leftover beef things they don't know what to do with.

We followed the slow-cooker version of the recipe linked above pretty closely, except the closest thing we could do with the bacon was to buy a pack of ends (basically thick-cut bacon with a fuckton more fat, which actually worked out in our favor), and we subbed in shiitake mushrooms for the white button ones. It came out pretty good, although it was a little too salty for our tastes and, even before it went into the fridge, it was running really low on sauce. The beef was really good if you shredded it but the lack of sauce meant that any pieces that stayed solid were really tough to get through. Anyway, fast forward to tonight, when I had to fend for myself for dinner, and decided to see what I could do with the leftover beef bourguignon. Some of the measurements are a bit strange because I was just making it for myself, so treat this as more of an idea than a real recipe like a lot of the other stuff I post... Aaaaaaaanyway.

Oh, and I still have a bit of this soup left over so I'll add a pic when I go to make that. My initial bowl that I made was really small (I'm always really hungry when I start cooking stuff but by the time I'm done I'm more just tired so I end up barely eating any of what I made, even if it's insanely yummy) and looked kinda dumb so I didn't want evidence of it. When I go to kill the rest of it I'll snap a pic and update this post. Rest assured that a full serving of it looks really good and is tasty as all get-out as well.


About 1 cup of Beef Bourguignon
About 3/4 cup of pre-cooked spaghetti
1 cup of red wine (I used what was left from the bottle we used for the original beef bourguignon recipe after we poured a couple glasses for drinking, and that's about what was left which was perfect for my soup idea)
1 cup of beef broth
1 cup of chicken broth
1 tablespoon of tomato paste
1/4 of an onion, minced
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 1/2 tablespoons of butter
Worcestershire sauce, Sriracha sauce, salt, pepper and whatever spice mix you like to taste (Note: I went a bit light on the spices and only put them in with the onions at the beginning for this one because our original batch of beef bourguignon came out kind of salty. Adjust how you do it based on how things are going and what you like)


Melt the butter over medium heat in a deep-walled pan and put in the onions, salt, pepper and spice mix, cooking them until they've clarified and softened a bit, about 5-10 minutes. Add in the garlic and mix it in with the onions, and cook until fragrant, about 30 seconds to a minute. Pour in the red wine and simmer for about 2 minutes, then add both the beef and chicken broth and stir everything together. When the mix comes back up to a simmer, add the tomato paste, Worcestershire sauce and sriracha sauce, and stir it all to distribute the new additions evenly. Let this all simmer for a while, and when you can't smell the wine anymore, add in the beef bourguignon leftovers, breaking up any larger pieces of beef and stirring to distribute it all evenly. When the mix starts simmering again, add the pasta and stir it all around again, and let it all simmer and reduce until the proportion of broth to solids is pleasing to you, about 10 minutes or so. Do a taste test every once in a while and add whatever you think is missing. Once it's reduced and tastes how you want it to, serve in a bowl with both a fork for the pasta and a spoon for the beef and broth, and enjoy.