It shall only cause weakness, confusion, and the weakening of resolve. Where dissent flourishes, you must cut it down. You must treat it like the weed it is, erase it from existence like vermin.

Where dissent grows, you must stand strong, hack it up, and then bury the carcass. Where a dissenter lurks among cravens, punish the dissenter - the cravens will fall into line after that example - you need never punish the craven directly, and if the craven ever exhibits behavior which takes confidence to exhibit, encourage it.

Remember, you are the leader. You have breathed the rarefied air of other leaders and thereby have picked up on their qualities. Your confidence, ever so important a quality in a leader, is superhuman and allows you to perform all functions. Remember that when you encounter dissent, for your soldiers serve you at your pleasure - they are unnecessary.

When the dissenters are many and attack a valued hand, it is best to stir dissent among the dissenters. Travel the path of the gods, who disguised themselves as human so as to judge human hospitality, and go amongst the dissenters in disguise, telling tales and reveling in their lowly position. See to it that when you are done the unworthy are scourged from the earth, their children unto the eleventh generation, and all memory of their names. This is Pharaonic justice, and no half measures are to be accepted.

Be not afraid to explain the situation to the dissenters, for they only operate off incomplete information and you have the intelligence reports to set them straight. It is not, after all, their fault they are wrong, nor should you let their bizarre decision to air their dissent publicly and possibly spur others to dissent bother you.

The most effective way to lead is to pretend a position of weakness. This affords an advantage as you will swiftly be able to crush all enemies under your heel before they realize how they've underestimated you. Men at arms never suspect that the redheaded bisexual in pigtails may in fact be a threat to them, may in fact be a man bigger and more powerful than them, and your own ranks will know not what to do should dissent infect them. If you maintain the illusion that you are a catfish, they will never suspect you to be a human when you dispose of them for dissenting to your face.


Take heed, fellow leaders. Fear is the mind-killer, but dissent is the butcher of armies. You and only you can decide what is appropriate - let that happen as it will - but dissent must be dealt with swiftly and painfully.

Edit - Another power of the leader is the ability to alter time. Use this power, but be certain that when you do you also destroy the dissenter, for the dissenter is also capable of altering time back if left unchecked. Have care when you engage in time travel - you would not like to create a grandfather paradox.