People —fellow white people I'm looking especially at you— do not seem to believe that racists are everywhere. While we might never be able to rid ourselves of all of them, let's make their lives fucking hell. We're going to class jam them and their most precious plans for the future*:

There simply is no higher goal in life than to support our White children.

Here, with their efforts towards children, we should start to disrupt the internal workings of an organization that "is pretty well organized especially when it comes to FAWN [Family Assistance for White Nationalists] and there is a 'board' of different WNists around the world that oversee "operations" so it's not a one person show where there are no checks and balances, this is a legit pro-White charity."

Racist white people are in your doctors' offices, in your government and in your schools. You might not notice them, because they disguise themselves like the people in the above F.A.W.N. video. They are certainly in your state and trying to get together to further their "culture" and in doing that they provide material support to other racists:

F.A.W.N. is a resource for those men and women fighting to preserve their White Western culture, ideals and family.—A group of dedicated volunteers committed to helping White Nationalist families when they need it most.


It isn't just F.A.W.N. there are other "charities" that help "protect heritage" around the world. There are people running "charity drives" and lists of people that can hook "good standing" white people up with even other resources for help. We should exploit this online system of providing material help by requesting aid and either selling the products and turning the profits over to anti-racist charities or by giving the material items (e.g. diapers, toys, etc...) to kids that need them and are not raised by racists. That's class jamming. What we should really do, is popularise this kind of stunt, and make it known to those racists that their current means of community making is not safe and cannot be trusted. Every diaper or dollar could be going toward an inner-city school or a scholarship fund or directly into the pocket or on the ass of a poor, non-racist person.

To reiterate: Step one is ask for aid and get it. Step two is to re-purpose that aid (which drains racists' resources and helps reasonable people). Step three is probably to record and publish interactions from within the white charity community as a means to deter them and to show the victory of reasonable people over racists. I've always wanted to try this, and I'd be willing to or to help anybody who can. If these racists can do this, surely we can and should respond, and we could start in the comments.


*Links presented here go to racist white power type pages, so beware.