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Let's talk music that we have no business liking

You have secret musical tastes that cause you shame? And I'm not talking about fucking IRONIC musical choices or listening to shit that you liked in high school. HAHA! You like Hanson. Oh look, I dance to Bel Biv DeVoe in the mirror! LOLS. NO DICE. Go back to your own fucking thread. There is no shame in liking Hanson or realizing that girl is Poison. I want to hear the shit that really makes you cringe and engage in genuine self hate.

But really, let's hear it. I was here listening to Teddy Geiger and realized I have no one in my regular life that I'd admit that fact. He's so wholesome and sensitive. Fuck you all. And if there are enough jerks willing to admit their own shame, maybe I'll share more.


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