Written in Ink
Written in Ink

It's almost Thanksgiving or Thanksgivukkah for some of our groupthink friends and I think it's time to talk about Pie. What do you like? What you are bringing? Perhaps you have a delicious recipe or story about Pie? Pie Pie Pie. It rolls off the tongue. Sweet or savory—it doesn't matter.

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I'm almost BLASPHEMOUS in my tendencies towards pie but I don't like pumpkin or sweet potato pie that much but I love pie. I've written about pie.

This Thanksgiving I'm going to have Strawberry Rhubarb which my mom orders from a bakery (because while she is a good cook who has baked pie, she is working around the holidays and just doesn't have time). I like it with ice cream. It reminds me of how much I grew up eating Rhubarb Crumble in milk, which I think is the old school way of eating crisps and crumble for those of us from the country.

What about you?

Picture and Recipe here.

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