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Written in Ink
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Libby from Masters of Sex About to have a taboo, 1950's romance?

It might sound counter-intuitive since this season, Libby's racism has burst through her calm, uptight, Wasp demeanor. At first, she seemed nice to, if a little patronizing towards Coral. But her contempt for Coral quickly came through - she started to constantly correct Coral's use of the word "ask" and putting her down in front of her husband Bill and even in front of her girlfriends. And then the shampooing! She washed Coral's hair against her will, insisting that the lice in her home came from Coral, even after Bill explained to her that Blacks are unlikely to have lice. This scene was hard to watch; it almost came off like an assault to me. **Spoiler ahead** But Coral's boyfriend stood up for her in tonight's episode. And then Coral, having finally had enough, stood up for herself, embarrassing Libby by suggesting that she had a sexless, passion-free marriage (which is certainly true). That was a great scene! And I thought Libby would simply fire her. But she didn't. She actually tried to explain herself. And after that final scene tonight, where she snuck out to talk to Coral's boyfriend and once again do her Waspish version of an apology (which he rejected) it's becoming clear to me that Libby is attracted to him. Or am I seeing things? The way she starts to peek at him and Coral through windows (preview of next week), how angry she got at him when he drove off - it just seems like she suddenly cares a lot about what he thinks of her. Odd for a condescending racist like her, I think. Either the writer's are going to have Libby embarrass herself further by coming on to him and getting rejected or some kind of taboo interracial affair is about to go down. What do you guys think? And do you think they suddenly made Libby so unlikable because they wanted to make Virginia more likable; after all Libby came off as a confused, lonely, lovely woman last season so you almost unconsciously dislike Virginia for what she's doing to Libby (Bill is already stiff and unlikable.)

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