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Written in Ink
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Liberal Bro says "Dude" to Conservative Dick, is still a Chad

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Many of you will likely have heard the story of Tommy Vietor, some kind of former White House spox or another, who condescendingly told Brett Baier on Fox, "Dude, that was two years ago," when asked about a Benghazi related email he penned. Much has been made of his colloquialism (including a nonpology by him), but I think this is one of those occasions where his politics need to be separated from his character. Because that shit was embarrassing.


I agree with what he's saying, but the guy sounded like a massive tool. I'm sorry, Tommy, you do not say Dude when having a grown up argument on national TV. It makes you look childish, as if you recently graduated from allowance to trust fund. Please, keep doing God's (Obama's) work, but don't get sassy and dismissive. You're better (looking at least) than that.

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