I already have my pre-order. Who is with me here? Part 2 was like the Empire Strikes Back. I mean, way better than the FFXIII (WAY BETTER) but the end? HOW IT ENDED? I was pretty traumatized. And angry. Damn you, relatively dystopian Final Fantasy endings. Also, I hope Hope isn't annoying. And there are no other annoying kid characters. Or weird side kicks with stupid hair. They are the worst. Just broody Lightning and all of her outfits. The initial word seems good, so this won't give me a rage stroke about Square Enix, which is always a risk for anyone who has any emotional investment in this franchise.

I can't deal. Can't deal. I'm so excited and I've been a little meh on video games (Should I get a PS4? Or should I get my work done?). Oh and the jury is still out about whether I'll play FFXIV. I've heard it's so good but MMORPGs are such a time suck.

I'm having a nerdgasm. And maybe it's the nerdgasm of reduced expectations.