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Like the school nurse, the M.T.A. will write you an excuse note

Starting in 2010, New York City's transit authority implemented the Subway Delay Verification, which is the grown-ups' version of a tardy note. So essentially, you can give your boss written confirmation that you were late to work because of the train and not because of a wardrobe crisis (matching tights with your outfit is HARD, ok?).

From the NYT:

[I]n a city where "train traffic," that villain of automated subway announcements, can be too faceless a culprit, most riders know nothing of the system to officially assign blame, with a simple note.

Since June 2010, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has given more than 250,000 such notes, titled Subway Delay Verification, to riders, determining whether their trains had in fact come in behind schedule, or if, perhaps, the agency had been unjustly scapegoated by a harried commuter.


I mean, I know you're supposed to "give yourself extra time to get there" in case of train delays, but sometimes these train delays are absurdly long and involve being stuck between stations, meaning you can't get off the train and catch a cab.

Anyway, the idea of the M.T.A. giving out tardy notes is pretty amusing, but it's nice that this option is available for people whose job status depends on being on time.



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