In the comments to a recent post, I mentioned that there are non-US blogs affiliated with Gawker Media. My understanding is that some license the name, while I believe others license the names and buys some content, at least one is Gawker-owned and managed and the India sites are managed by someone else.

As I streamed a little television this evening, I ran a couple of searches and the following is what I found. If anyone has any more to add, please stick them in the comments.

You'll also notice that in some of the page footers, there's a link to a Polish Gizmodo, but it's resolving to the US and Google finds a site calling itself Lifehacker Poland, but that's not the URL and it's claiming a Creative Commons license.


Of course these are all in addition to Hungary's Cink and it along with Spanish Gizmodo appear to be the only non-US sites running Kinja.