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Looking For Mobogenie And Amazon Underground Alternatives

I wasn’t sure where else to post this since I missed the open thread on Life Hacker. But if anyone care to suggest a more suitable place, feel free to let me know.

Are the any other commenters who are big into mobile gaming(I’m on Android), but short on funds? I need some answers, and advice. You see...I’m in desperate need of something to occupy my time, long unrelated story, depression is a bitch.


I’m a huge fan of the Adventure genre. Some may know it as Point & Click, or Hidden Object. A few examples are titles like Clockwork Tales(Artifex Mundi), Snark Busters(Alawar), and The Odyssey(Crazysoft*my fav*). I hate the hidden object scenes that are included, but will tolerate them if the game is good. I love a great plot driven game that require you to solve various mini-game puzzles throughout in order to win.

Here’s my problem, I’ve already run through most of the bigger named publisher’s catalogs. Including their Free(full ver.), Free(trial ver.) games. And it also includes indies like Dreamcage(Sevenbull). But I just can’t seem find anything new, affordable(free), and interesting in this particular genre.

Any suggestions for new, especially from little known independent pub./dev.?

In the past I’ve used FreeAppSlots to get full ver. of paid fames for free. But since they’re no longer in business, I will usually sideload free(full ver.) onto my android device by using Mobogenie, and Amazon Underground.


or those who dont know how the process works. Developers will hook up with 3rd parties like Mobogenie, amd Amazon Underground, allowing users to dl the paid ver. of an app, in exchange for trying out shitty freemium games, watching commercials, and other stuff like that. You earn points for each task you complete, you then cash in your points.

The top two sideloaders put there so far are Mobogenie(point based), and Amazon Underground. With AU, you’re able to bypass all the fuss, and get straight to downloading without all the hurdles.


Does anyone know of any reputable sideloaders? Preferably a sideloader that won’t take weeks to rack up enough points just to sideload one friggin’ game.

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