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Looks Like They Lost One at The Intercept

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Published May 16, 2014 | By emptywheel

This is just a quick announcement that I have ended my affiliation with First Look/The Intercept. My departure was voluntary and amicable.

To anticipate questions some may ask, my departure from The Intercept doesn't relate to anything I wrote or didn't write about Ukraine. It did not relate to the downtime The Intercept just took (and seems to be coming out of). The reasons for my departure predate both of those things, to January.

I'll have more to say–not about The Intercept, per se, but about things I've learned about my own journalism over the last 7 months, as the Edward Snowden story played out and the Intercept discussed hiring me–at some later point, after some reflection.

Things here will remain the same.

We will, however, be doing a fundraising campaign next week (or you can beat the rush by donating today!). Until such time as a billionaire wants to support the work we do here, we will rely on readers to pay the bills.

Thanks, as always, for making all that possible!

I think maybe the money grubbing ways of Glenn Greenwald are starting to rub people the wrong way. The Intercept has published a couple articles in the past month while Greenwald gallivants around the country selling his book, apparently keeping a tight hold over the Snowden documents, only publishing documents to coincide with his book release, and selling the movie rights of his book to Sony this week (he thought Sony was the subservient mouthpiece to the US government with Zero Dark Thirty, but now they've paid him handsomely, they are the bestest friends ever). Maybe Greenwald is more concerned about himself than he is about journalism or keeping his supporters employed.


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