Written in Ink
Written in Ink
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Lord Help Me I Finally Did It

The day has come. I have taken part in the ever-constant Facebook Politics Flame War.

With a gay Republican no less so, you know, it was extra stupid. Now, I'm not saying you can't be gay and Republican. There are a lot of moderate Republicans who believe in gay marriage and who are pro-choice and focus on money and limiting government- you know, real Republicanism. It's when you're gay and spewing out GOP talking points while supporting a party that, in its current incarnation, actively wants to discriminate against you that gets me. Especially when it's someone who attended an event that acknowledged and put the issue of the gay community's struggle in the nerd world at the forefront. I know the gay community isn't and shouldn't be a homogenized mass, but actively defending the policies and party of people who are actively discriminatory toward you? I don't get that.


Let's run down the highlights:

  1. Gays need to stop playing victim and everything will be fine. Though I'll easily play victim once you call me out on my crap.
  2. The Democratic congress did nothing. Except when they did things but they did nothing.
  3. You know, it's both sides. I don't know why you can't see that. I mean, I refuse to acknowledge anyone else's experiences but I don't see how that matters.
  4. Obvious skirting around the fact that the right is unabashedly blocking progress on anything.
  5. A, "sorry you got mad" apology.

And the kicker!

  1. "You know, I live in a red state in a religious community and nothing ever happens to me."

We have a winner at GOP Bingo! I need a drink and a nap. That was more exhausting than running.

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