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Lost week

First I lost my eyeglasses. You know, the things you see with.

Then I lost my car keys. Which have my house keys on them. You know, the things you drive your car and open your house with.

Then I lost my prescription sunglasses. Which were at least allowing me to see, dimly. Now it's probably a good thing I can't drive, for the world's sake.


Last night I lost half my fence in my backyard. A bear must have sat on it.

This is all weighing heavily on me. I know they are only glasses, keys, darker glasses, and boards with nails, material objects with no signifigance on this earth.

But if I lose another thing this week I am going to LOSE it. (Not sure how you'll be able to tell the difference, but just fyi.)

I swear, Universe, whatever you're trying to teach me this week I'm not learning it so JUST GIVE UP!

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