Written in Ink
Written in Ink

The Awl’s 2015 year-end essays are about those machines: the things they made; the ways they could have been stopped. Pieces will be published daily until the year finally gives up. Contributions this year are from Carrie Frye, Rachel Monroe, Kevin Nguyen, Laura June, Lindsay Robertson, Bijan Stephen, Casey Johnston, Ryan Bradley, Rob Dubbin, Laur M. Jackson, Jia Tolentino, Jane Hu, Jenna Wortham, Emma Carmichael, Katie Notopoulos, Maria Bustillos, Paul Ford, Max Read, Leah Finnegan, Jazmine Hughes, Jacqui Shine, Rick Paulas, Helen Rosner, Dayna Evans, Bex Schwartz, Brian Feldman, Leah Reich, Johannah King-Slutzky, Jason Parham, Jo Livingstone, Matt Siegel, Silvia Killingsworth, Vinson Cunningham, Betsy Morais, Meghan McCarron, Cord Jefferson, and Brendan O’Connor.

Clipped from theAwl’s year-end index post.


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