Written in Ink
Written in Ink

Louise Woodward having a baby is going to be like Amanda Knox in reverse.

For the American media it's going to be like "OMG! This baby killer should not have a baby! Can't the UK child protective services take it away when it's born!"

For the UK media it's going to be like "This poor innocent girl is finally going to have a baby! There is some justice in the world!"


Much like when Amanda Knox had her murder conviction overturned and the UK media was like "This young murdering monster is being set free" while the US media was like "Yay! This poor innocent girl is being set free! There is some justice in the world!"

Meanwhile what they both seem to have in common is that some people want to believe the worst about young pretty girls and some people want to always believe the best about young pretty girls. The

The media has set up a system where a large majority of people don't want to believe in any middle ground - particularly when it comes to pretty white girls who don't behave exactly as society expects them too.

Woodward was hated because she looked serious instead of scared at her trial.

Knox was hated because she had sexual fantasies that are considered inappropriate for nice girls.


Both or neither may have gotten away with murder, but we can be sure that both were convicted in the eyes of the public because of patriarchal expectations.

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