A local couple, Tom and Naomi Shirley died within 15 minutes of each other this weekend, both dying unaware of the other's death. After about 45 years together sharing adventures in the Everglades wilderness near their home where Tom was a game warden and on trips to the Amazon and Africa - their nearly simultaneous deaths are tragic, but also romantic.

It's the perfect ending to a long romance, ostensibly full of passion, conflict and adventure set in exotic locales. Jude Deveraux or Nicolas Sparks or someone like them needs to get inspired! The story practically writes itself and the ending is already written. I may never read it, but I will ooh and ahh at the blurb on Good Reads with everyone else!

Tom was a rugged conversationalist who wrote a book about his adventures in the Everglades and Naomi was a nurse who was an involved conserving the Florida wetlands as well.