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Lt. Mitch Utterback is a silver fox. Also, helicopters are awesome. Floods, however... floods suck.

As the NYT's Jack Healy reported yesterday, rescue efforts for the 85 children and 14 adults stranded by the recent floods had been mired last night by the ongoing deluge of rain.

Despite this, according to a press conference published Saturday, the number of people rescued by the National Guard and Army reached over 1750 peopple, along with countless pets, that is, "creatures of various species".


All I'm saying is, that is one good-looking Lt. Colonel there. Announcing the hundreds of people rescued by helicopter is a pretty flattering light, but man! Lt. Col. Mitch Utterback has the cheekbones of Atlas himself.

I'm going to go fortify my moral courage and claw despairingly at my wimpy sub-man cheekbones now. Here's a video of all those kids that were stranded while away from school for an outdoor education course (read: worst field trip EVER).

UPDATE: Lt. Col. Mitch is, in fact, married. Lucky lady.

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