*Warning* The following link is some of the dumbest shit you'll ever read in regards to Trayvon Martin and drugs. It's so fucking dumb that I have to share it here, I'm laughing at the fact that I used to robotrip and do things worse than is discussed in the link.

Codeine is a *scary voice* POWERFUL NARCOTIC!

Oh christ.

"This document is, to be blunt, written for “recreational users” of DXM – those who will use it “to get high.” I will refer to “recreational use” by its proper term: Abuse."


This entire link is peppered with "thug" pictures of Trayvon to scare conservatives, and pearl-clutching nonsense about drugs. The more I read it the angrier I get. Here's a choice racist gem:

Unfortunately, teenage boys, especially those from within Trayvon’s cultural demographic, are not known for their temperance, much less “keep[ing] a wide safety margin.