Britain's top scientist has called for more scientist input on policies that will best mitigate climate change. Let's think about how historical scientific mass movements were accomplished.

Mostly by threat of war. WWII initiated atomic fusion and the Manhattan Project that built the atomic bombs. Those bombs and the even deadlier thermonuclear weapons factored in to the Cold War. The Cold War led to the space race and the US triumphant in putting a man on the moon. The space race was nuclear based, the Cold War by other means.

So we need an enemy for climate change action—effective climate change action. Going to war against weather somehow doesn't really do the trick. But we must think of it as an enemy, or think of national security concerns brought about by climate change—actual people enemies that can use climate change to their nefarious purposes. It's just comic-awful irony that the human race joins together in harmony and tackles something big only when it is threatened by it. Can't we all just get along? Give us someone to kick their ass, and we will.

And so it goes. Whatever. I don't care. Whatever it takes to fight climate change. A new country and global climate change Manhattan Project, and civilian mobilization, instead of the 1% fighting a war for the 99% that makes up the current wars.