If you love the movie musical "Mary Poppins" (and really, who doesn't?) take a moment to mark the passing this week of choreographer Marc Breaux, who put the step in "Step in Time." Breaux, who often worked with his wife/creative partner Dee Dee Wood, was 89.

This practically perfect LA Times obit has some wonderful anecdotes from Breaux' long career in movies and TV, which included "The Sound of Music" and a couple hundred episodes of popular TV variety shows. So hear from Breaux' grateful student Dick Van Dyke, learn how Breaux got comics and singers to dance and how Julie Andrews knew when to spin round in the opening of "The Sound of Music."

There's also a photo gallery here, including these two shots:

That's Breaux on the right, working with Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews in a dance scene for "Mary Poppins" in 1963.


And Breaux and Woods, swingin' in the Sixties, of course.