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Marketing Aubrey Plaza

In the August GQ, actress Aubrey Plaza of television's Parks & Recreation tells Mark Byrne that she sets out to do something interesting, not what everyone expects on talk shows and in public appearances and says her dream role would be Catwoman.

"I want to be Catwoman," she says, over dinner at the only restaurant open on a Monday night. She lets the edge of her lip lift just the smallest amount, a hint of a smile. "I want my shot at Catwoman, and I want it soon."


Reading the quote reminded me of Sean Young's campaign to be Catwoman and how it had been deemed interesting which generated a lot of press, then I learned this isn't the first time Plaza has given these answers. She gave similar responses in a March profile published in ASOS, though the Catwoman thing has somewhat evolved.

“It would be really cool to be in a big action thriller, or a movie where I get to be a bad***. It would be pretty awesome to be Catwoman someday.”

Though, it still could have just been her print interview thing.


Note: Sean Young video is from her YouTube channel.

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