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MARRY! FUCK! KILL! McLaughlin Group Edition

We're tired of you all choosing between Hiddles and Cumberbatch! We need to make some hard choices in life sometimes and nothing is harder than the original circle jerk the McLauglin Group. The right answer is: SEX WITH ALL.



John McLaughlin: The right answer is? ORAL SEX. Host of the show. Doesn't put up with your shit. Enjoys reading Cat Fancy! (ok, I made that up)

Eleanor Clift: Liberal. Reasonable. Gives me that kind of feeling that Hilary does. That special feeling.

Rich Lowry: Goober editor of the National Review. Might be selfish in bed. Might be overeager. Either way, he likely sweats alot.


Mortimer "Mort" Zuckerman Democrat. Occasionally takes credit for work he hasn't done (right Obama?). Likes spelunking and treasure hunting... in bed. Also worth a fuck load of money.

Clarence Page: Old School Liberal. Enjoys stylish eye-wear. May like pie and that may be a double entendre.


Pat Buchanan: Paleoconservative which might be just code for old racist. Likes to be a conservative. Hates Dick Cheney, which seems like an Alien vs Predator deal.

Choose wisely: BYE BYE!

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