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Could be my fault. Sorry Defamer!

Earlier today, I reported to @Help that though Kinja is supposed to insert /tag/ into any URL that needs it, as I wrote about in my "Tags How-to" post, it doesn't do it with numeric tags which are less than 200. Anything tagged 199 or less, if you don't put the /tag/ in manually, Kinja will resolve it to that numbered Defamer post and it does the same no matter which base URL you use.

The randomly-selected examples included in my email were http://jalopnik.com/133 and http://gizmodo.com/133.


When I was testing I tried a bunch of different numbers — there is no 1 and they start with 2 — which is why I recognized one of the headlines in the Defamer most-viewed list: "Ted Casablanca Is Insane: Inaugural Edition". It is Defamer post #13.

I'm guessing that when Tech was testing, they accidentally lost the last 3 and once it got into the "Top Stories" list, WTF clicks compounded the views. Of course, I could also be wrong and maybe Ted Casablanca is currently in the news.

Update: It does look like that after about an hour, Ted's moment has passed.

2nd Update: It's back and there have been 211 more pageviews since I last looked.


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