Testing the Re-Top with a Little Fun Thought

As was the case with the "Ted Casablanca" Defamer post that got caught up in a bug report which I wrote about previously, it doesn't appear to take a lot of traffic to get something in the "most active" sidebar. Therefore, I envision that especially in the middle of the night, there could be times when we're halfway following each other around, particularly through old posts.

I know from my own reading of Defamer, it has already occurred.

ETA: It's also interesting to note that this re-top reframe gets it's own entry in the sidebar. I actually came to the comparison via a comment that I made on the ObservationDeck and because my tendency is to link everything out, the "My Fault" post is directly linked from there, so that could be the source of its traffic. Though, without having yet studied Chartbeat and its relationship to Kinja, I can see how it could also be possible for one view to be counted twice.

Could be my fault. Sorry Defamer!

Earlier today, I reported to @Help that though Kinja is supposed to insert /tag/ into any URL that needs it, as I wrote about in my "Tags How-to" post, it doesn't do it with numeric tags which are less than 200. Anything tagged 199 or less, if you don't put the /tag/ in manually, Kinja will resolve it to that numbered Defamer post and it does the same no matter which base URL you use.

The randomly-selected examples included in my email were http://jalopnik.com/133 and http://gizmodo.com/133.

When I was testing I tried a bunch of different numbers — there is no 1 and they start with 2 — which is why I recognized one of the headlines in the Defamer most-viewed list: "Ted Casablanca Is Insane: Inaugural Edition". It is Defamer post #13.

I'm guessing that when Tech was testing, they accidentally lost the last 3 and once it got into the "Top Stories" list, WTF clicks compounded the views. Of course, I could also be wrong and maybe Ted Casablanca is currently in the news.


Update: It does look like that after about an hour, Ted's moment has passed.

2nd Update: It's back and there have been 211 more pageviews since I last looked.