We've heard it a bazillion times, haven't we? That single or divorced guys only want relationships with young (lets say under 30) girls.

I hate hearing it, not because I'm approaching 30 mind you. But because, it doesn't accurately represent my own observations and experiences. I have been turned down three times in my life because of my age. I wasn't too old, I was too young. So, its always been hard for me to buy into this idea that once I turn 30, my market value will drop so low that I wont be able to attract a decent dude. Now, I have proof its all a vicious lie.

I came across this from the Washington Post on Twitter. Breath in. Breath out. 57% of men marry women within five years of their own age second time around. That's right, MOST men who find themselves at the alter for a second time stand beside someone who is about their age.

In the chart labeled "Remarried Men More Likely to Wed A Younger Spouse" we see the numbers broken down, and learn that men are more likely than WOMEN to remarry young. But it doesn't change the fact that the majority don't. Ha! I love being right.


Hope you all enjoyed this paradigm shift.