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Menu for the week

So I got it finished, shopping all done and here it is if anybody is interested =) I should also probably comment that I am classically French trained, and my Mom was raised Amish, so we tend to have some odd menu combinations. Finding online versions of my regular recipes [or close enough] has been getting easier. I have a small box of my mom's family recipes that I made her sit down and write out before she went crackers so we wouldn't lose the recipes. The butterkuchen really isn't a dessert cake, but she made a version with sliced apples and the sugar and almonds that makes a really nice dessert without being overly sweet and goopy. We normally don't do desserts, but we are visiting my brother and he asked for me to make it.

Mon ricet, sourdough bread from George [a sourdough starter I have been letting live in my fridge for the past 15 or so years]. Ricet is a stew that has been traced back to the Hallstatt culture - remains analysed from a pot found in a dig with dried on crud.


Tue honey mustard pork chops, ginger carrots from no particular recipe other than one we develped - you cook the carrots in ginger ale or ginger beer with grated fresh ginger, salt, pepper, some butter, some garlic until it all simmers down into a thick glaze.

Wed chicken florentine, egg noodles

Thur sauerbraten, spaetzel, blaukraut.


Fri cod chowder or salmon filet, salad - not sure which yet, depends on which looks better on friday when we get the fish.

Sat wonton skin fest [pizza, eggroll, taco], salad - wonton skins are pressed into muffin tins to make little cups - the pizza ones are the only ones we bake with the filling [pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni bits] the taco and egg roll ones we fill after blind baking the skins. Usually, it ends up 2 pizza, 3 or 4 eggroll and 1 or 2 taco cups per person


Sun balsamic dijon glazed ham, pommes anna, deutscher butterkuchen,

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