So my S/O manages one of the tens of thousands of CVS pharmacies in my state...

One slow night, last Wednesday, she was asked by her GM to unbox the stockroom which had been sitting unopened for "at least two weeks". This is what she found in the ancient crypt of inventory boxes:


We're not losing half our household income over breaking this incredibly shocking story, but here's redacted snippet of our conversation if you need proof of the date of this discovery and of how incredibly lazy I am. If you find this insufficient, there is more convincing proof of this story's authenticity here.

I could extol the virtues of fresh chocolate versus chocolate that has been sitting in a stockroom for half a year. Instead, I'm going to use this late breaking news leak (which must surely dwarf the Snowden leaks by orders of magnitude) to remind everyone that doesn't work in retail: YOUR PHARMACY'S VALENTINES DAY CANDY HAS BEEN SITTING IN A DINGY BACK ROOM SINCE THANKSGIVING.


Merry Christmas.

You may now post your "wow, I'm so shocked by this information, my life will never be the same" GIFs below. h/t to the sig. otter, as usual. Happy holidays, CT.