On Twitter, actress, expert Tweeter and Vogue cover model Mia Farrow posts this picture of her lovely daughter, inspiring multiple awws from me:

And then she ruins all that goodwill by saying that Lena Dunham's cover just might be her favorite one yet.

No. My argument is no. "New Queen of Comedy", no. Tiny Furniture had some fun moments. I'm not sure I ever recall laughing at Girls. Isn't that pretty much her entire body of work? I've made a few people chuckle on Gawker. All hail FKABA, the new king of comedy.

Lena Dunham's arms, along with rest of her body, are conveniently missing from the cover of a fashion magazine about how clothes look on your body. How can I know if that is a cute shirt without seeing the whole shirt? It looks like some disembodied hands are just reaching out for her from the abyss of Hannah's mental illness.


As for me and Farrow, we'll always have Purple Rose of Cairo.