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Microsoft's New Bra (!) Will Tell If You're Stressed Out

Yes, that's right. Microsoft's R&D unit is working on a new "intelligent bra" that would contain sensors that would sense if the wearer is freaking out. Take it away, Las Vegas Guardian Express:

The 'smart bra' contains sensors that will monitor certain physiological changes that Microsoft believes are the precursor to emotional eating. When signs such as respiration and heart rate increase, the bra will intervene by using Bluetooth to send the data to a cell phone, which would then alert the bra wearer that an emotional binging episode may be about to occur.

Are you a male who's feeling left out? No worries, says the LVGE, who reports that the company plans "to continue their research so that a more durable, longer lasting and more comfortable version for both sexes can be found."


No word on what happens if your bra crashes, or how to reboot it.

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